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Moss & Noor Package Design


Create a modern skincare brand and package design targeting everyday athletes with smart body care products.

  • Unisex. Mid price. Online first. Free from buzzwords and beauty BS*.
  • Athletic, not sporty. High energy performance, not sober beauty. Affordable premium, not luxury.


Key active ingredients are added and geared towards helping you elevate your game. By adding functionality and smartness to seemingly basic-products, we at aim to push the boundaries of skincare.

Our innovation process always starts with a problem that needs fixing. Heavy sweating after a workout? Use our Shower Gel. Calluses and super-dry hands after weightlifting? Test our Hand Mousse. Can’t find a deodorant strong enough for the job? Try our Deodorant. Germs on your hands and gym equipment? Kill them with our antibacterial Hand Spray

We'll call it Functional Body Care.


'Moss & Noor - Functional Body Care for Everyday Athletes'

A bright and stripped-down concept. Bold use of color and logotype for high visibility in online feed.

No claims on bottle. Just a clear account of active ingredients.


The brand launched in Sweden early 2020 and became a big success overnight. Sold in pharmacies, skin care resellers and selected gym studios. Loved for its bright color and no BS communication. Moss & Noor has been called the Nike of skincare.