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About Moss & Noor

Moss & Noor is a Swedish startup that develops skin care products specially designed for those who exercise regularly. All products are enriched with active substances that your body has an extra need for during exercise and physical activity. Developed from the latest research results and always based on evidence.

The brand was founded in 2019 by Tom Flumé. A former elite swimmer who was looking for products he could not find on the shelves.

Our products

All our products are produced in Stockholm, Sweden. Two miles from our headquarters. Completely free from microplastics, dyes, parabens and other silly things your skin doesn't need. Always 100% vegan. Always 100% free from fake claims and false statements.

All products are developed to solve a specific problem related to your training. Whether it is calluses in your hands, greasy hair or post-sweat and flaky skin.

We always start with you, the exerciser, when we create new products. Be it conscious or unconscious problems. The solution simply becomes our product.