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Moss & Noor is a lifestyle brand with smart body care products for everyday athletes. Founded in 2019, by former pro-swimmer Tom Flumé, the brand is on a mission to redefine the concept of daily essential skin care products.

All of our products is boosted with active ingredients that your skin needs extra during exercise and physical activity. We add key ingredients to all our products to help you elevate your game. By adding functionality and smartness to seemingly basic products we aim to push the boundaries of what skin care can be. We call is Functional Body Care.

Our innovation process always starts with a problem that needs to be fixed. Heavy sweating after workout? Use our Shower Gel. Calluses and super-dry hands after weightlifting? Test our Hand mousse. Can't find a deodorant up for the job? You need our Deodorant. Greasy and smelly hair after workouts? Try our Dry Schampoo.

We always rely on evidence and research. We do not believe in empty promises of "rejuvenation" or "anti" claims. Our products should do the job they promise and where you will notice the results.

Our vision is to build a modern household brand used by people around the world. How hard can it be?



The contemporary for the modern active lifestyle.

The concept emerged from the frustration of not finding daily essential skin care products. The life as an athletes includes a lot of showering and great stress on the skin. This is where Moss & Noor fills in this gap.

We create innovative, must-have products, for everyday athletes. Our mission is to elevate/transform the way people around the globe consume.

Tom Flumé founder Moss & Noor

(Tom Flumé, CEO Moss & Noor)